Moderate Potatoe Multimedia is a concept that started back with the original release of "Wrapped In Music" in 2006, back when I was still releasing music as Katie Turner.  I had always thought it'd be cool to have a faux-business label to put on the back of my releases. When I started getting back to doing music a few years ago, I maintained the name along with the typeface. 

As I've started experimenting with pseudonyms, I wanted to be able to collect them with a central heading, and I thought this was the best way to utilize MPM. This page will be an overview of the side projects that aren't Katie Benoit or 69 Susans.


The SheedyJaye nom de plume started being used mostly as a remix moniker, replacing DJ K8T and DJ Jynx (Texas, USA) before it. My original music under this name was the first music I started releasing when I decided to get back into it after a 10-year absence. It's more mainstream than 69 Susans, but is more pop in the vein of the Katie Benoit music only instrumental.

I've argued with myself about discontinuing use of this alias, but I want to keep her around for certain projects like the Creative Commons release "Airports For Music" and see what else is in store for this nickname.

equals The RAVEN

=tR was my first attempt at releasing an album. It was created and gathered between October of 1999 and summer of 2000. The original release of the album featured a sample-heavy collage of sounds, plus vocals from a dear friend and my sister.  Due to the circumstances of my coming out as transgender, I'm unable to release it in it's original form. What I DO have is an EP of a scattering of tracks and remixes of some of the songs. 


My own singing on "Sisters" haunts me still, and represents an extremely emotional and difficult part of my life.  Even if the voice is no longer one I associate myself with, these tracks are an integral part of my history, even in remixed form.

I did end up remaking "You're Wrong" on my Katie Benoit album "The Process" in 2020.

The music on this page can be found on most streaming services or on the Moderate Potatoe Multimedia BandCamp page.

Singles / EPs