• Katie Benoit

Test Post

This is simply a test post on the new blog to make sure it's working. Check out all the interesting things I have on my website here!

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It's been a year since I last posted... and here I thought I was going to use the 'blog more. A lot has happened to me personally. My wife and I moved out of our tiny-ass apartment we've been stuck i

Lots of updates

I've contemplated how to best utilize this site in the era of COVID-19. I admittedly have struggled with the new reality, and have spent most of my time playing video games as a form of escape. Leav

"Gender Critical" is an empty argument

I spent a day talking to "gender critical" folks on my Instagram. I wanted to see what it is they were talking about & why they feel that trans rights are a bad thing. All I can say to people who feel