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I've contemplated how to best utilize this site in the era of COVID-19. I admittedly have struggled with the new reality, and have spent most of my time playing video games as a form of escape. Leaving for other worlds is a common way I deal with terrible situations.

However, I have given the website some love in recent days. CaitlynBenoit.com, 69Susans.com and KatieBenoitMusic.com all lead to the homepage. I've updated the music pages with my newest releases, and have some other projects lined up.

The problem now comes in finding the energy to create. It's scary out there between the coronavirus, our President having all the intelligence of a boiled potato, armed ignorant Caucasian gun nuts storming state capitols... all of this seems like something out of an apocalyptic 80's movie!

This era in time also includes the typical urge to clean the house because it's spring. I've managed to do some of that and am feeling a little more motivated to do all the things.

My prediction for COVID-19 is that we're following the track of the Spanish Flu here in the United States. There were 3 surges in infections: the first bump was small, with most places reopening too early. Which then caused a second, larger bump, followed by a third, smaller bump. I think we have too many people who feel this pandemic is a hoax or that masks / social distancing won't matter. But both my mother and my spouse are at risk folks. I refuse to risk their lives by acting like life is all back to normal.

I guess we'll have to see what happens with both coronavirus and the US elections this fall. I fear what will happen if Mango Mussolini gets a second term!

My intention is to utilize this blog more, not only for creative projects, but also to simply vent and speak my mind. I'm queer and liberal and feel zero shame about caring about the rights of others! If you want to restrict rights for a group of people because they're not like you, then you're definitely in the wrong place.

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