• Katie Benoit

"Gender Critical" is an empty argument

I spent a day talking to "gender critical" folks on my Instagram. I wanted to see what it is they were talking about & why they feel that trans rights are a bad thing.

All I can say to people who feel this way is to get better arguments. I had it said to me about 6 times that "the LGB and the T are different." Hell, I even said it myself once. But this is something that I - a trans person of queer / pan / unlabeled orientation - already knew. No new information there.

Then I had it said that trans rights = men's rights, which is a load of hogwash. I was told that trans rights actively fight against women's rights, which is incorrect. The only way you'd even think that is if you actually felt that people like myself who were AMAB and transitioned to female are actually still men. I'm not a man because I don't identify as such, and your argument is therefore invalid.

I think it highly unlikely that anyone who is a sexual predator would like the path trans women take. When you first get on estrogen, one of the first things that goes is your libido. That would scare the right shit out of anyone who is a man, tbh.

Trans people - whether they be trans men, trans women, non-binary - and gender-non-conforming people are still discriminated against in matters of employment, housing, medical care, and the law / legal system. I made this argument to them, and they promptly ignored it.

I tried to give them a fair hearing out. Maybe there was some other reason than the circular logic of separation due to labels, but none of the arguments these people gave me was even remotely compelling.

I'll conclude by saying that the "gender critical" way of thinking is wrong because they can't give us a good reason WHY trans people have to be separated from LGB folks. We've been all fighting similar battles for decades now, and you want to stop fighting with me because... what, you've got same-sex marriage now? Good for you! I myself am in a same-sex marriage and am thankful I can do so. But that's STILL no reason to abandon the fight for equal rights for your siblings in the LGBT community who fought to get it right along with you!

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