• Katie Benoit

And Here I Thought...

It's been a year since I last posted... and here I thought I was going to use the 'blog more.

A lot has happened to me personally. My wife and I moved out of our tiny-ass apartment we've been stuck in for a decade and into an actual house. I have a creative space that is free of distraction (well, except for the internet, but you can't do anything about that when you own a smartphone). I've also recently come out as non-binary, she/they pronouns... like, within the last month. For me, it takes the edge off of feeling like I have to perform gender a certain way, not to mention the freedom to experiment with different aspects of gender. I don't quite know how it will affect my music either. I'm curious to see how that goes, to be honest with you.

For all future solo releases, I'm probably going to use the artist name of C.A. Benoit. I have a few other ideas that I plan on exploring with more of a "band" aspect and less of a focus on electronics. But I don't want to give too much of my game away yet.

I've also made the decision to switch from ACID Pro as my main DAW (digital audio workstation) to Ableton Live. I'm still learning how that program works versus the one I've used for 2 decades. I started feeling rather limited by ACID, not to mention how buggy it is, even if you have all the drivers set up and everything updated.

I have also seen many musicians on YouTube use the multi-colored block style of MIDI controllers. I'm curious as to how that works and whether it could take the worry out of playing live.

Anyways, welcome to the world again, friends! Enjoy!

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