I've been interested in music as far back as I can remember.  My mom said that when she brought me home from the hospital, I wouldn't stop fussing until she turned the radio on. I was an only child at first, so I would make up songs and stories to keep myself preoccupied. It wasn't until Christmas at age 13 that I first owned my own musical instrument - a cheap keyboard with which I immediately started making music, driving my mother up the wall.

As I got older, I got into a wide variety of music. I had friends that introduced me to Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Tori Amos, early Seal. I had already picked up interest in The Art of Noise, Thomas Dolby, and Howard Jones on my own.  I loved storytelling and found that I had a penchant for melody.  In my 20's, I changed out the keyboards for a guitar and in time was also able to focus on vocals.  I had an okay singing voice at the time. I independently released an album under the name equals the RAVEN back in 1999 / 2000.

Something happened, though, that would forever change my world and how I viewed it.  In 2001, I came out as a transgender woman and started taking both medical and social steps towards transition.  Part of what I had to re-think was how I wanted my music to be seen. After releasing an album, "Wrapped in Music" under the then-name of Katie Turner, I noticed that interest in my music waned. Society seemed almost laser-focused on what I looked like instead of what I was doing.  This exacerbated already-present mental health issues I had at the time and I didn't create much music for nearly a decade.

What brought me back to making music was simply the fact of getting older and realizing that I still wanted to do something with my music, even if nobody bothered to hear it. I realized that it was a wonderful form of therapy for me, if I allowed myself to do it.  But who would ever listen to the music of a middle-aged trans woman?  I found that I didn't care.  I wanted to go back to doing something that I loved: creating music and interesting audio.

In spring of 2017, I released my first new music since 2007: an EP called "Spirited" under the nom de plume of SheedyJaye. I started putting out vocal music under my own (new) name later that year, starting with a re-release of "Wrapped in Music." The following year, I released "Shattering The Silence," which was my own personal breakthrough.

While I still prefer to create more sonically experimental tracks as 69 Susans, I still have a place in my heart for doing pop-styled music.  Back when I was 13, it was pop music that got me interested in making my own work, and I continue to make it out of love of the craft.

Below, you will find my pop music albums, singles and remixes.  Feel free to peruse them and perhaps pick something up, if you're of a mind to. 

My music can be found on most streaming services and at the Moderate Potatoe Multimedia BandCamp page.

Singles / EPs