69 Susans is a result of getting bored with making pop music-style songs. As a producer, I like to create interesting and different sounds.  I latched onto The Art of Noise at a young age, and through friends I stumbled onto Aphex Twin and the entire Warp Records Catalog.  A huge, more recent influence on me has been Controlled Bleeding, an experimental band who has done almoste every type of imaginable style of music, it seems. Main CB member Paul Lemos once said in an interview that Controlled Bleeding is whatever he says it is. I like to think that I have the same philosophy with this project.

On most of the albums, I also have a collaborator in Brian Jin. We've known each other since High School and my life is more richer on the creative angle because of him. He's not always present on every 69S track, but the tracks he's on like "Huanghu" and "A Kindness" are truly fascinating tracks!

69 Susans tracks can be found on most streaming services or on the project's BandCamp page.

Singles / EPs